Few Car Trends That Need To Go Away
15.09.2014 14:44

We are really blessed to have cool Car trends such as Forged Rims, Matte Colors, Engine Swaps etc,. But still, there are some dim-witted car trends that need to go away. The trends such as Wraps, Lambo Doors, Super Camber, etc is causing desperation in the automobile industry. Here are those trends that are to be thrown away from the practice.

Super Camber

This feature is a terrible one that makes the simple ride uncomfortable. The trend will go the way of neon lighting and spinners.

Lambo Doors

This scissor doors will actually cause a problem by scraping the ceiling in the low ceiling parking areas. Also, affording the Lambo doors with minimal money looks dumb.

Chrome Wraps

This was a humbly cool back once. But now the trend is noticeably less awesome as just the mirror in the car wheels just creates a shiny and a bright look. Car rental Vancouver offers splendid cars for your travel at an affordable rate.

Expensive Rims in the car

Costly rims of the car are only cool when they get attached to an equally pleasant ride. Spending huge amount for rims of a crap car, make an absolute look of desperate and dumb.

Tuned Hybrids

The main point of hybrid cars is to save gas by laying down a small amount of carbon footprint. But now, the people are replacing the existing power plant for the favor of nitrous-guzzling and Turbocharged V6’s.

Other Stupid Trends
Jacked-Up Minivans, Fake Sponsor Stickers, Hyperactive Interiors, Tacky Tachometers, Super Powered Jalopies are some other trends that are to be avoided in future to have clean and enhancing automobile technologies.



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